The Sound of a Miracle By: Annabel Stehl

The Sound of a Miracle is Annabel Stehli’s riveting story of her daughter Georgiana’s triumphant progress from autistic and functionally retarded to gifted. An intervention called Berard Auditory Integration Training cured Georgiana’s painful hearing, her most distressing symptom, and made it possible for her to emerge from autism, enjoy communication and to excel academically.

When mothers from all over the country contacted Annabel Stehli and told her their stories, she put them in touch with one another, formed The Parents’ Network, and inspired them to do as she had done: to fight for their children with diagnoses including Autism, Pervasive  Developmental Delay (PDD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Hyperactivity,  Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), Dyslexia, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. There  are many Georgianas now, ready to take their place among their peers without a label. The interest sparked by Sound of a Miracle resulted in the founding of the Georgiana Organization and has contributed to the public awareness and support of auditory training as a treatment option.

“The Sound of a Miracle has triggered a revolution in the field of developmental delays and learning disabilities.”
Paul Millard Hardy, M.D.
Medical Board
Autism Society of America

“Well written and incredibly moving, the book shows that you should fight for what you believe is right for your child.”
Parents Magazine, London

“If you are ever tempted to give in to despair, read this true story. It will inspire you to be braver than you ever thought possible.”
Literary Guild

Sound of a Miracle was first printed in 1991 by Doubleday of New York. A second printing has been released in 1996 through The Georgiana Organization.

It’s a TEAM Effort

  • Cheri Moore, B.S. Spec. Educ., MSW, Certified Berard Practitioner
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists checking the health of the ear
  • Audiologists following standardized testing protocols in addition to Dr. Berard’s air conduction testing protocol
  • Developmental Optometrists and Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Optometrists completing comprehensive visual evaluations


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