iLS Auditory Integration Training

Teenage boy having fun playing catch while listening to iLs Integrated auditory training program.Dr. Stephen Porges developed the iLs Integrated Listening after developing Polyvagal Theory. Interestingly, your autonomic nervous system  subconsciously reacts, internally and externally, to sensory input like sounds, sights, and touch. For example, a positive sensory experience like a hug with just the right amount of pressure helps one relax. However, if abuse or trauma involved being grabbed in a too tight hug, your autonomic response is an increase in your heart rate and breathing.

Thankfully, Safe and Sound music with in-office therapy helps reset your autonomic response. Dr. Stephen Porges’ recommends combining therapeutic listening with additional therapies. Over time, individuals of all ages experience improvements after traumatic experiences, including sexual assault and partner violence, and bullying. Additionally, improvesments occur in sound tolerance.

iLs Integrated Listening Music

Filtered music is therapeutic, because instrumental music presents all frequencies at different levels of intensity. Music keeps the brain actively engaged and focused on listening.

Cheri uses your hearing evaluation results to develop each client’s individualized Moore Auditory-Visual Training program. Therapeutic listening programs build on success of previous listening program.

When appropriate, Auditory-Visual-Motor activities and exercises are provided with all listening programs.

Safe and Sound

Research shows Safe and Sound music significantly improves person’s ability to self-regulate by calming vagal regulation of heart rate. A total of five hours of Safe and Sound music improves self-regulation, anxiety and feelings of safety.

After a month, clients have completed their Safe and Sound therapeutic music program. Thus, Cheri recommends renting iLs Safe and Sound music, headphones, and iPad from her.

Rent from Cheri

Cheri provides headphones and an iPad with Safe and Sound music. Client rents music and equipment for $149.00/month.  Explanation of cost page explains total cost of working with Cheri.

Rent directly from iLs.

Purchase directly from iLs is only recommended when clients need prolong use of music. On your iPad, download music using an app for $169.00/month. Cheri provides an access code and headphones.

Focus Listening Programs

Therapeutic hours of listening consist of over a hundred hours.  Focus listening programs improve concentration and attention needed for listening and learning. Cheri uses hearing tests to individualize your program. Cost of working with Cheri is on Explanation of Cost page. Equipment

  1. Has an option to improve conduction of sounds along skull bones to inner ear’s vestibular system.
  2. Relaxes the nervous system
  3. Chanting music to strongly stimulate your  your inner ear’s vestibular system

Focus Equipment

Cheri provides an ID # enabling clients to rent or buy equipment directly from iLs Integrated Listening.

Ipod with over a hundred therapeutic listening programs.

Amplifier Box expands, opens up, compressed sound energy after it leaves the iPod and before it enters headphones. A unique feature to iLs, the amplifier box features an adjustable skull bone stimulator setting from off to small increments of stimulation.

Headphones have a bone stimulator that sits at the top of your head. Sound energy travels to both mastoid bones behind both ears.

Rent to Own

$230.00/month for ten months.

Total cost, $2,300.00

Interesting Facts:

Researchers found that sound energy travels along your skull bones to the mastoid bone behind your ear. Thus, causing stronger stimulation of your vestibular system when compared to your cochlear.   

Have you ever felt music in your bones at a concert? When music stimulates your skull bones, you want to dance, move.  You hear your own voice more strongly through your skull bones than through your middle ear.

Your Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire Report, observations, and hearing tests determine the best program for clients.  Once your hearing evaluation shows you are a good candidate, Cheri recommend iLs Integrated Listening or Berard-based Auditory Integration Training.  Cheri works with clients 18 months or longer.  Client benefit from a large number of listening programs.

iLs Integrated Listening and Berard-based Auditory Integration Training


  • First, all music consist of instrumental, classical music. Additionally, all frequencies are presented at different levels of intensity, a broadband listening program.
  • Secondly, bone conduction stimulation occurs through headphones placed over your ear. Sound stimulates your mastoid bones behind your ears and cochlear.
  • Also, research shows both programs improved sound tolerance.
  • Likewise, both programs have a similar, average daily-length of recommended listening time.

Beard-based Auditory Integration Training

  1. First, you are unable to own music, because specifically filtered program are seldom repeated by the listener.
  2. An advantage, you listen to a program with more volume in one ear through headphones.
  3. A disadvantage, there is no bone stimulator setting on listening device
  4. A unique feature, all programs were developed based on a hearing evaluation, behavioral concerns, and ENT medical history.
  5. There are 15 programs with speech stimulation. There are 15 programs without speech stimulation. Alltogether, there are 30 different programs. Each program has twenty, thirty-minute listening sessions that decrease the intensity of sounds on one or more frequencies.
  6. Unfortunately, there is only one program consisting of twenty, thirty-minute listening sessions that randomly filters all frequencies

iLs Integrated Listening

  1. First, you are able to own.
  2. Music is delivered with equal volume to both ears through headphones.
  3. An advantage, there is a bone stimulator setting on listening device.
  4.  Program recommendations are based on behavioral concerns and history. However, Cheri does use your hearing test.
  5. Music is not filtered on one or two frequencies. When hearing test shows need for a specific filter, Cheri first uses Berard-Based Auditory Integration Training.
  6. An advantage, there are over 100 hours of new music. There are four programs, each providing 20 to 30 thirty-minute listening programs that randomly filters all frequencies.

Learn more at iLs Integrated Listening 


To summarize, Cheri recommends the Berard-based Auditory Integration Training when clients have hearing loss or an imbalance in their hearing. When someone’s hearing test shows sensitivity peaks meeting Dr. Berard’s filtering protocols, they start with Berard-based Auditory Integration Training.

Depending on clients’ hearing test results and medical history, Cheri may or may not recommend iLs Integrated Listening music. 

Cheri Moore provides clients with a purchase code when recommending iLs Integrated Listening.  Clients are encouraged to purchase their own iLs equipment, because clients use equipment for one year or longer, especially when auditory training is needed by multiple family members.

FDA Statement On AIT

“Auditory Integration Training remediates impairments in auditory discrimination (sound sensitivity and auditory distortion) associated with Autism, Learning Disabilities, and related disorders – ADD, ADHD, CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Deficits), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Dyslexia.

Moore Auditory-Visual Integration Training

Cheri Moore has been helping children and adults improve the brain’s ability to respond to intervention while minimizing negative behavioral responses.