The In-Home, Berard-Based AIT program

The Moore Auditory Training Method improves more than client’s tolerance to sound; it reshapes their future. Auditory-Visual Training protocols were developed to improve client’s response to auditory integration training and vision therapy.

An individualized In-home, Berard-Based Auditory Integration Training (AIT) program works with your schedule, your needs, and provides the best environment. 

In the USA, AIT is FDA approved as an Educational Intervention Program. Clinical studies found client’s sound intolerance decreased after AIT. Individuals who need AIT often struggle with sound intolerance and expressive speech difficulties; it is unethical through a control study to cause harm.

All clients must meet with Cheri Moore to complete their first In-home, Berard-Based Auditory Integration listening session. The In-home, Berard-Based AIT program is individualized based upon a review of the following: (1) the Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire Report, (2) phone conferences, (3) comprehensive hearing evaluation report, (4) comprehensive visual report, (5) eye-to-eye meeting(s), (6) Pre-care Questionnaire information, and (7) responses during first listening session.

Auditory Integration Training consist of 20 to 24 listening sessions with a listening time of 30 minutes for each listening session. There are 5 days of listening, a mid-point evaluation, and 5 to 7 more days of listening. Total duration time of one AIT program is 11 to 13 days.

The Berard Auditory Integration in-home program enables clients to receive help within the comfort of their home.  You may contact Cheri Moore at 757-615-9985 or


While Auditory Integration Training and Brain Integration Training have been extremely effective for some individuals, no guarantee as to the effectiveness in any specific case can be made by Moore Auditory Integration Training, LLC. Client outcomes can vary widely from individual to individual, and as such, no warranty or therapeutic claims are stated or implied. Every attempt is made through a medical evaluation to assess a candidate’s ability to benefit from AIT.

Moore Auditory Integration Training is not offering AIT as a cure for autism or other disabling conditions. Moore Auditory Integration Training is offered as a means of gradually improving tolerance to sounds and improving speech fluency. The Moore Auditory Integration Training acknowledges the need for additional interventions and recommends a comprehensive visual evaluation by a developmental optometrist or neuro-optometric rehabilitation optometrist.

It’s a TEAM Effort

  • Cheri Moore, B.S. Spec. Educ., MSW, Certified Berard Practitioner
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists checking the health of the ear
  • Audiologists following standardized testing protocols in addition to Dr. Berard’s air conduction testing protocol
  • Developmental Optometrists and Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Optometrists completing comprehensive visual evaluations


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