Foods Influencing Ear Health and Behavior

Something now is better than nothing.  Behavior that comes and go may be triggered by foods, which come and go.  Strength of allergic reactions can build up within the system with each exposure.  Information at explains risk factors of increased middle ear fluid (not always infected) and foods.  Middle ear fluid has the potential to decrease auditory stimulation to the brain and impact speech.

  • IGG blood testing looks at antibiotics in blood against foods
  • IGE blood testing detects a true DNA allergy

By age twelve my daughter’s pain was chronic and severe. A referral from our sports medicine doctor to a rheumatoid arthritis specialist resulted in answers identifying the source of her chronic pain and hives that started when she was 18 months of age. Blood work showed induced inflammatory arthritis; a CAT scan verified inflammation in her legs. IGE allergy testing the prior year revealed an allergy to peanuts; however, her suffering worsen. The doctor recommended an IGG blood test of all available foods. Intolerance to gluten and milk protein were so high the specialist recommended permanent removal and celiac testing (negative). Only total elimination from condiments and soaps resulted in elimination of hives, significantly decreased pain,and greatly improved digestion. The book, Wheat Belly, was invaluable.

The Feingold website teaches and alerts consumers about hidden allergies in foods.

Hidden terms for gluten are found at

Chips: gluten and nut free

Keystone Snacks–  Delicious chips– The Billy Goat Chip Company (Kosher, no MSG)

Pancakes use Buckwheat, you can buy the groats and mill yourself

Frying —use a bean based gluten free flour and add baking powder for a flakey crust  (DON’T bake with any type of bean-based gluten free flour.)

Gluten Free Corn Muffins–Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Put in 1/3 cup of Oil in large round cast iron skillet and put in oven while preheating.

In Bowl Mix:

1 cup of gluten free flour              1 cup of 100{77d4898647b49139da30a0a7cc2019467f6d4a05f71893f9a5ca5bcca7b450f1} Corn Meal (gluten free)

2/3 cup of white sugar                  1 tsp. Salt

3 1/2 tbsp. Baking Powder           1 cup milk/coconut milk (any type)

2 eggs

MIX by hand. ADD hot oil from skillet and gently mix. POUR back into hot skillet and cook 25 min.  Top will crack when done. Put on table, cut what you will eat and top with butter. ENJOY


It’s a TEAM Effort

  • Cheri Moore, B.S. Spec. Educ., MSW, Certified Berard Practitioner
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists checking the health of the ear
  • Audiologists following standardized testing protocols in addition to Dr. Berard’s air conduction testing protocol
  • Developmental Optometrists and Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Optometrists completing comprehensive visual evaluations


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